Thursday, December 3, 2015

Elephant Butte

Wednesday found Bob and me deep cleaning the dog area, caring for the 27 or so cats, and feeding the peacocks and doves. So far we find our duties to be what we expected, and we are enjoying working with the staff and volunteers here.

Between the short work shifts we are enjoying the area. My favorite time of the day is sitting in my chair and watching the sun move across the mountains outside our windows. What a great view.
On Thursday we had a free day and decided to visit Elephant Butte State Park, located outside Truth or Consequences, NM. Originally known as Hot Springs, T or C as the town is called here, changed its name in 1950 as a publicity stunt. The popular radio show, "Truth or Consequences" was seeking an American town that would be willing to change its name in exchange for hosting the location of the show's 10th anniversary broadcast, with all the publicity that came with that act. Thus, Hot Springs became Truth or Consequences.

T or C is the largest town around here, outside of Las Cruces which is over an hour away. We had to go through this town in order to get to the tiny burg of Elephant Butte. Someone at some time in the distant past decided that one of the local hills looked like the silhouette of an elephant, hence the name. We were unable to spot the similarities but did enjoy seeing the lovely vistas of this man made reservoir.

 Auggie had a fine time as we rode along the lake, sniffing out the window. Since we rarely allow him to stick his head out the window when we drive, this was a thrill for him. 

The ranger warned us of coyote sightings earlier in the day, of a pack that she came across late in the morning, so we were very careful as we walked around. While coyotes tend to be more active at dawn and at dusk, they can be hunting at any time. This is something we are always thinking about when we walk Auggie.

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