Wednesday, December 30, 2015


We have two little dogs at the animal refuge that need a little extra attention. Foxxy and Li'l Roxie are so timid that they can't be touched. They shy away from a leash. I decided to socialize them a bit and see what I could do about fostering their trust in humans. We will never know what happened in their lives before they came to Desert Haven but most assuredly they we're not treated kindly.

On Tuesday I tried separating them from the three other little dogs they share a kennel with, by moving the others out for a few minutes. I was able to get them to come within 30" or so of me. On Wednesday I tried a different strategy. Keeping all the dogs together, I sat in a chair and fed bites of treats. Foxxy and Li'l Roxie saw the others getting yummies and started taking cookies from my hand. Then I lifted up one of the affectionate dogs into my lap for cuddles. Libby loved the attention and I told her what a wonderful dog she is as she leaned into me and groaned with pleasure. After ten minutes I set her down and picked up Holly. She loved the scratching and rubbing, and I saw Foxxy starting to nip at Holly's feet. I could tell that he wanted some love, too. Suddenly he gave a hop and jumped up next to Holly. He acted so proud of himself! Foxxy basked in the cuddling and enjoyed a nice body rub. Holly hopped down and Foxxy got all the attention. Just look at the satisfied expression on his face.

Isn't he handsome? Li'l Roxie inched closer and closer, too, and finally allowed m to scratch her chest and back. She just wiggles with joy when she overcomes her fear and allows me to touch her. These dogs have been here for over a week and it's the first time they have allowed someone to touch them. My hope is that someone will come and be able to get to know these little guys and want to take them home. They are really loving little dogs and deserve their own family.

I spent a little more time on my gamp panel, and I really like how it looks. Every time I switch colors the look is totally changed. Thursday we have some time off so I will weave some more.

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