Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crafting in 2015

I like lists. I have many lists on my smart phone, including grocery lists, lists of doctors, movies I want to see, addresses, automatic credit card payments.... and craft projects I want to make and those I've completed. It's been a pretty productive year, craft-wise. This year I completed the following items, plus probably one or two I forgot to write down:

Leno Shawl
Linus Blanket to donate
Eight harness pinwheel Dishtowels for Bernie
Collar and leash set for Auggie
Shopping cart cover for Auggie
Collar for my sister's dog, Lily
Loom knitted hat to donate
Braided bracelets for Quinn and Eve
Blue and yellow woven bag
Crocheted Minion doll for Jillian
Cupcake cradle purse for Jillian
Doll for Jillian's purse
Doll blanket and pillow for Quinn
Blue ribband beaded bracelet
Pick-up band on backstrap loom
Japanese Knot Bag
Ladder braid on marudai
Star Wars Arigurumi--Yoda and Storm Trooper, for Ben
My Little Pony crocheted purse for Eve
Crocheted Pokemon balls for Adam
Round inkle cord for Seidel loom
Knitted heart dishcloth
Knitted paw print dishcloth
Four crocheted eyeball hats (for Quinn, Eve, and for Bernie's twin nieces)
Bronson Check Dish Towels
Knitted Qiviut cowl
Woven scarf for Mark
Woven Sheep Coasters
Double-hole heddle band on Seidel loom
Knitted baby sweater for Stefan and Pam's baby
Matching knitted booties
Crocheted Cabbage Patch Doll-style wig for same baby
Weighted snakes for Jillian and Alex
Captain Underpants cape
Knitted baby sweater for Calvin
Clasped Warp Santa scarf

Wow! I have impressed myself! I also finished everything I started, except for my Weavette project which will be an ongoing thing and the color gamp currently in progress on my Saori Piccolo loom.

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