Sunday, December 6, 2015

Paws and Claws

Friday was a typical day, working in the morning and off in the afternoon. But on Saturday Bob and I worked at Paws and Claws, the thrift shop that supports Desert Haven Animal Rescue.
While Bob was out back loading up stuff and making a run to the recycling center, I was given a quick tour of the shop and then went to the area where items that have been donated are dusted off and ticketed for pricing. It's a dusty job but it was fun working alongside Nancy and Tracy as we pulled treasures out of bins. I'll be going there weekly, I think.

Bob and I found a couple of inexpensive jackets to wear when we are working with the animals, too. These will save our nice clothes.

When we finished our time at Paws and Claws we returned home to see Auggie, then went out to dinner at Maria's Mexican Restaurant in T or C.

We had chicken chimichangas and beef fejitas, and split an apple empanada for dessert. Yum! We don't go out to dinner very often, so this was a real treat.

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