Thursday, December 17, 2015

This and That

I have been having fun with my bread machine and have made bread three times this week. I like the timer feature, and enjoy walking in the door after work to find a fresh baked loaf.

Several of our dogs have gone to their forever homes in the past two weeks, so we are down to six dogs, but that will change today when three or four dogs arrive from the Deming shelter. Deming's shelter puts dogs down if not quickly adopted, so we will be saving these dogs from almost certain death. Since Desert Haven keeps animals for as long as it takes for a new owner to appear, we are truly saving lives here.

Auggie is always curious about the smells on our clothes when we return from our chores. He and KC are very content here. But boy, have we been having a cold snap! Temperatures at night have been dipping down into the 20's, with daytime temps struggling to make it to 50. At least there hasn't been much wind. But since there's no hot water at the shelter it has been icy washing dishes! I wear rubber gloves, which helps a little. The animals do not seem to mind the cold, though! I have to break the ice in the water dishes and carry water to them in buckets because of frozen water hoses, but I really don't mind it, either. We get sun every day, and it's so nice not to have gray, cloudy skies in the winter!

Bob and I have been working only three days a week and we love our schedule! Rumor has it that we will have some volunteers the week after Christmas, and some extended stay volunteers starting in January. It will be interesting to see how things change when that happens.

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