Saturday, December 12, 2015

Shattuck Winery

We have had a few quiet days here, with not many newsworthy events. Bob and I visited the local antique store which was full of... well, not much. A lot of dusty and dirty odds and ends in boxes. I will never understand why some shop owners hang an "antiques" sign over junk and expect that customers will swarm in to hand over their money for it. If you own an antique shop, take some free advice from someone who used to sell at flea markets: clean up your stuff, arrange it nicely on shelves, and price it to sell. If sales are not doing well, then lower the price. It may be worth more money in New York but that's a long way from here, and it's really only worth what someone will pay for it.

On Saturday Bob and I ran some errands, then went to Shattuck Winery in Caballo, NM. It was a lovely drive. I never tire of gazing at these mountains.
This area does not exactly scream "wine country" to me, but Shattuck Winery is making a go of it. The owner, Brad, told us that the vineyards are young and were planted 9 years ago. He also laughed about the fact that he became interested in wine making after using a home beer-making kit. He is not the first wine-maker who has told us that! The vineyard looked dormant this time of year, but overlooks Caballo Lake, nestled at the foot of the Caballo mountains.
Caballo means "horse" in Spanish, and the town, lake, and mountains are named after the herds of wild horses that once roamed this area.

Bob and I enjoyed a generous tasting of a variety of Shattuck wines before choosing to buy a bottle of 2013 Zinfandel and one of a Pinot Gris.  It was a pleasant time, conversing and sipping wine.
I hope to get a little knitting done this weekend for my nephew who was born a week ago. We had hoped to also visit the Elephant Butte Paper Luminaria display tonight but it is still quite windy so I doubt there will be any candles staying lit this evening!

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