Monday, December 28, 2015

Snow and Color Gamp

We had a quiet Christmas. Bob and I worked for two hours on Christmas morning and a few minutes in the afternoon, doing animal care. Then we were off for the next three days. And on Saturday afternoon it started to snow. It snowed pretty steadily for 24 hours, and when it stopped it looked like this:

Less than an inch accumulated, and it was gone by late Sunday, but it was pretty while it lasted.

You may recall that a week ago I started warping my Saori loom.  Two days ago I beamed on, which gave me some tangling troubles that I overcame. This is my first 10/2 cotton warp and it sure tangles easily! But I got the warp tied onto the front beam, at which point I realized I had a couple of threading errors. Gah! How hard should it be to warp a 16" wide warp using only two shafts?

Today I decided to "git 'er done." I told myself I had just a few threads misthreaded, to convince myself it would only take a few minutes. Sometimes I have to lie to myself to keep myself moving on a project. Have you ever done that? Anyway, it took more like two hours, but I figured it all out and started weaving. What a joy to reach that point!

I'm about halfway done already ( the warp is only two and a half yards long) and I am pacing myself.
I love how it's coming out, and I am savoring the weaving part of this project. My first weaving teacher back in the 1980s told us never to put on a warp less than three yards long on a floor loom--it's just not worth it.  But I am using a kit and am not sure I will have enough thread for three yards, so that's that. Sometimes you have to break the rules!

I've never woven a color gamp before so it's fun to watch what happens to colors that cross.

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