Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The New Dogs

One of the things that I love about this place is the peacefulness. I took Auggie out this morning before work, and his favorite place to romp is (ironically) the pet cemetery. It is fenced in, so I can let him off-leash without worrying about coyotes, and it is so pretty in the morning.
A lovely statue overlooks the resting place for dogs, cats, and birds.

I baked pumpkin raisin bread yesterday, and this morning I found myself looking for a way to make it more personal. I found my dot stickers that I use on the top of my spices (I keep spices in a drawer and I can see what is in each jar this way.) With a black marker I was able to spell out everyone's names, and I was pleased with how they came out.
Last week we had five new dogs come to us in hopes of us finding them new homes. They are so cute! Here they are.
Li'l Roxie
....and Jack.

All are little dogs, which will hopefully make it easier to find them forever homes. We had fun helping to pick out names for them!

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