Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We Solo

Tuesday was our long day of work, from 8:00-4:30. Our day included a pot luck lunch consisting of fettuccini, salad, and strawberry rhubarb pie.  I made some Garlic Bow Knot Rolls as our contribution. After so many years using a KitchenAid mixer (which daughter Kristen now has) I am using the skills I learned nearly forty years ago, making bread by hand again.

When I first attempted bread as a young bride back in the 70's, I struggled with it. My loaves came out so heavy. So when my grandmother came to visit I begged her to show me how. My grandmother made bread every week, her whole life. She spent some time with me one afternoon and passed on her bread-making mojo to me. I have loved baking bread ever since.

But only a couple of times in this tiny kitchen! I needed a space to knead the dough, so Bob added blocks to support the counter pull-out so that I could lean on it to knead. It worked well.

On Wednesday Bob and I did all the morning care without any help. Joe and Tom stopped in to make sure we felt comfortable but we did just fine. I fed the cats, scooped litter boxes, washed dishes, then headed for Birdland to take care of the doves and the peacocks.

There are two colors of peacocks here--traditionally colored blue ones and pure white peacocks.

They are all beautiful birds. I chop up a big bin of vegetables for the birds. Then the peacocks get dry dog food while the doves get bird seed. It is cool to watch them get so excited about their food.

After finishing up with the birds I helped Bob finish up with the dogs, since it was the day for deep cleaning the kennels. We returned at 4:00 to feed again and to return dogs go their beds.

We get tomorrow off this week, plus Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We plan to do some more sightseeing over the weekend. 

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