Tuesday, May 26, 2015


We arose early this morning just prior to a 7:00 am visit from our eldest grandson, Rob (who was on his way to the bus stop and wanted to visit with Grandma and Pop.)  By 8:00 I was over in my daughter's kitchen having a nice visit while Adam and Ben finished their breakfasts. What a pleasant way to start my day!

Later, I went to Wegman's, my favorite grocery store in any state we've visited, to pick up some necessities for meals. Kristen and I had decided that we would each contribute to the meals and eat dinners together as a family. Kristen's husband is away on a work-related trip until next week.

The day passed pleasantly, between the errands to run and phone calls to be made, before the boys returned from school. As I was helping Ben with his homework Kristen pointed out that one of his second grade vocabulary words was "sunfishes." Of all the possible words to teach a second grader, why would they use a word that would almost never be used in most people's lives? The plural of sunfish is...sunfish. UNLESS one is discussing the different varieties of sunfish and then one might say, "I discovered four kinds of sunfishes in the pond."

I probably wouldn't, but, there you go.

Hopefully next week's vocabulary list will not include the word "sheeps."

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