Saturday, May 23, 2015

Great Lakes Fiber Festival

What a great show! I hit the vendors area at about 9:00 am, and although the market was not officially open until 10:00, most of the booths were open and ready for business. My first stop was to the TurtleMade booth where I finally got to meet my Ravelry friend, Jen, husband Scott, and their two adorable children. I picked out these two beauties, both micro-Turks that are made on a 3D printer. Seen next to my iPhone for size comparison.

Amazing! And they are fabulous spindles with a nice long spin. I had fun playing with all the color combinations to make my own personalized spindle. The pink one is three different shades of pink--I think I'll name it "Floyd."

Others apparently had had fun playing, too--this was her table later in the day.
There were five buildings full of vendors and lots of fiberliscious things to buy.
 After the crowds thinned out I shot this photo.
The animals were fun, too. This guy was standing in his pen, humming away. I never knew alpacas could hum!
I spent a bit of time also in Mary Scott's booth. Mary and her husband Gary run Serendipity Farms in Virginia, and had a fully stocked weaving shop in their booth. I bought some Tencel there--it's time to try weaving some finer scarves.

Comparing it to Maryland and Rheinbeck I would say that this one had nearly as much "stuff" to buy but far fewer crowds. People were super-friendly and it was easy to strike up conversations with strangers. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and we made lots of new friends. I wouldn't mind coming back here each year!

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