Saturday, May 2, 2015


We moved from Amarillo, TX to Norman, OK today, a trip of about 300 miles. Bob and I got up early and were on the move at about 8:15, which is early for us. We headed east on Rte 40 and soon came to two iconic, and very different, scenes.
The first was Cadillac Ranch, a cluster of Caddys with the front ends buried in the Amarillow ground. Each car is covered with graffiti from visitors who left their mark on the vehicles.

The second was a giant cross, visible from a long ways off. We didn't stop this time, but our friend Kathy told us  you can actually go up inside it. All around the base are the Stations of the Cross. An amazing structure.
We got to our destination about 2:00, having stopped for fuel and sandwiches along the way. I was amazed by the beauty of an Oklahoma springtime. I guess I pictured flat, flat land and nothing but dust. Instead, it was green, lush, rolling hills with trees and ponds.
We again made use of our Harvest Hosts membership and had decided to stay at a winery for the night, having called ahead to make sure there was space. To our delight, the winery offered free tastings of 1 oz each of any of their twenty different wines. We were encouraged to try as many as we liked. Now, I'm not a big drinker but I managed to sip a few different ones. We purchased a bottle as a thank you to our hosts. Auggie was welcomed as well and he sat on our laps the whole time.
There were quite a few people there, including some post-college young women who oohed and ahhed over Auggie. One girl came to our table to pet him and told us a sad tale about her little dog who had gotten eaten by a mountain lion. Apparently, in her town of Tuttle, OK, they had a deer overpopulation problem. So the town decided to release three mountain lions to help control the deer.  And one of them took her dog.

 I told her that in NJ we'd just shoot the deer. 

So we are all settled in and look forward to a quiet evening. Time to plan our next stop :)

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