Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This will be a rambling post today.

I read an article a while back that stated there is no evidence that ibuprofen (Motrin) relieves back or knee pain. I beg to differ. Because I have a colonoscopy scheduled next Thursday, I stopped taking ibuprofen two nights ago (as ordered by my physician,) and will be going without it for the next week. I can really feel the difference in both my back and my knees, and it's making me cranky. I don't like being this way.

Today I pulled everything out of my fiber closet, reorganized bins, set aside some items to sell and to give away, and put it all back in again so things can be reached more easily. In addition, Bob and I are going through closets to see what we haven't used in the past seven months. It feels good to clear out some things to make room. We have been packed pretty tightly. This is something that will have to be done at least once a year, and we've only started the job. But it feel so good to see things neat!

My daughter, Kristen, is a fabulous cook and we have been eating well. It's really nice to eat new dishes. I guess we've gotten ourselves in a rut, meal-wise.

I'm sorry, but I'm a bit tired tonight and this will be shorter than usual. Until tomorrow, dear blog reader!

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