Sunday, May 24, 2015

Leaving Ohio

It was rather funny yesterday when I told someone we have been at the Wayne County Fairgrounds since Thursday they looked at me with a puzzled face and said,  "But you're not a vendor--what have you been doing here all this time?" I replied that we did the same thing here as we do everywhere we go--talk to people and make new friends, read, knit (well, I do, anyway!), live our lives. The days pass quite pleasantly and we are never bored. As Bob says, it's like the first day of summer vacation every day, with it all stretched out ahead of you.

We left Ohio today before day two of the Great Lakes Fiber Festival and after saying goodbye to all our new friends.  We took the time to visit the fairground dump station (TMI?) so we are all cleaned out and ready to stay for an extended time at my daughter's house. Only one more travel day until we get there! The drive to our Harvest Host location in Pennsylvania was uneventful, except for the sign we passed in the final half mile warning us that the road was for vehicles under 10 tons. Um, we are about 20 tons so that did give us pause, as they say. Fortunately there were no bridges to cross and we made it to the winery where we will spend the night (for free.) Bob and I tasted some wines and chose a couple of bottles as a thank you to our hosts for letting us stay here. We even have a 50 amp hookup and a to-die-for view out our front window. Sweet!
The rest of the afternoon and evening we will read, relax, walk the dog, and maybe watch a video. Then we are off to an early start tomorrow for the last leg of the journey. Our plans are to spend time with family and friends, take care of annual doctors' visits, and (for me) do some weaving, spinning, and knitting. I'm sure there will be lots to blog about. :)

Happy Memorial Day to all of you, dear blog readers!

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