Monday, May 18, 2015


It was another rainy weekend in Branson, MO. I spent my time crafting with my friend Denise, weaving and making Pokemon Balls for my grandson.
We had a nice ice cream social at the park on Sunday afternoon where we met some nice Escapees. Perhaps we will see them down the road again!

Denise got us hooked up with an antenna to help bring in internet signals. I'll report back on how it is doing when we have a few minutes to give it a try. At the moment I am still using our MiFi hotspot from Verizon because it is familiar!

We left Missouri this morning, getting out while the weather was good.  And immediately hit blue skies! It turned out to be a lovely day on the road. We stopped at Starbucks to pick up a "You Are Here" mug for daughter Kristen. She is collecting them and we are happy to help her add to her collection. So far we have gotten her Arizona, Albuquerque, and St Louis.
The St Louis Arch greeted us as we were about to cross over to Illinois.
Southern Illinois is very pretty, with lots of farmland. Much flatter than the rolling hills of Missouri.
We have checked into a Harvest Host spot, and I will report on that tomorrow.

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