Monday, May 11, 2015

Dinner With Friends

We ran some errands this morning, and while we were at WalMart's meat case we saw pork ribs on sale for $1.97 a pound. "Why don't we smoke some ribs today and see if we can invite some people over for potluck?" I suggested to Bob. He thought it was a good idea, so we invited our neighbors Tony and Denise and our camp managers Theresa and Rich. Rich asked if they could bring the work campers who were in the office with them, Elise and Phil. Of course!

What a great time we had! Besides the ribs, we had sliders and rolls, macaroni and cheese, and two kinds of salads. It was all so good, and the company was even better. We had met the managers at the North Ranch Escapees park in Congress, AZ, and Elise and Phil were from New Hampshire (having grown up in Boston) so they were like old friends right from the start. Tony and Denise were from South Jersey so we have much in common. We all agreed that we should do this again sometime in the next week!

Before we became fulltime RVers we didn't really understand how we could have a social life, moving around so much. We do find it easy at Escapees parks because there are so many like-minded people there. But we are starting to see how it works. You really do run into people you have met before. And the wonderful people we have met here will cross paths with us another day down the road.

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